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The organizing club, SK Vuoksi is young but has long traditions and experiences in orienteering. SK Vuoksi was established in 2003 when two former clubs, Imatran Suunnistajat and Ruokolahden Suunnistajat, made a fusion. The orienteering culture is over 50 years old in Imatra-Ruokolahti region. It is worth mentioning that the  former club, Ruokolahden Suunnistajat was established in  Jukajärvi village, just in the same place where the CC will be built.

SK Vuoksi as well as the two former clubs have been active in organizing big national and international competitions. We can mention e.g Jukola Relay in 1977, World Cup Final in Ski-O in 1991 and several Finnish Championships both in winter and summer.

Both clubs have also achieved great success in top orienteering on international and national level. Virpi and Anssi Juutilainen have won several World Championships and are World Cup winners in ski-orienteering during 1984-1996. Also Kirsi Boström (Tiira) and Johanna Asklöf (Tiira), two sisters, both World Champions in orienteering, have got their basic orienteering training in the former clubs. In WMOC Tapio Peippo has done a mgnificient careeer with his 3 gold medals during 2004-2007. Nowadays we concentrate on improving the opportunities for the second generation to achieve new goals and write new pages in the success story of future.

SK Vuoksi has over 300 members and over 100 of them under 13 years old. In youth orienteering SK Vuoksi is one of the best clubs in Finland

The HIPPO Orienteering School  gathers 60-80 boys and girls, age 6-12 years on Monday evenings to learn the basics of orienteering.



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