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The competition area consists of a large forest area varying from young samplings to old coniferous and spruce forests.  There are only some village and forest roads and a couple  of farm houses in the area. There are numerous 30-60 m high hills, but also small lakes, marshes and flat areas between.

Runnability and visibility varies from good to moderate and a lot of small details, especially in the hills, give challenges to orienteering. In one day You can also run a part of the track in a fast terrain situating to the south-east from the CC. The overview of the competition area you can find here.

Description of different days you can find here

The maps are mainly done by one map-maker, Markkku Pietikäinen, who has over 30 years experinence of creating orienteering maps. The 3 years work has been Markku's biggest  mapping project.


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