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There will be a good range of accommodation possibilities available during the week. You can choose either a hotel, spa or other high quality accommodation or rent a house or summer-cottage where You can enjoy the Finnish summer and nature at it's best. Or perhaps you prefer  caravan or camping.  For groups and clubs we will offer schools and other group accommodation possibilities of moderate price.


About the next accommodation possibilities You can ask from



Hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli (hotelrooms)

Hotel Cumulus Imatra (hotelrooms)

Imatra Spa (hotelrooms and holiday houses)

Hotel Vuoksenhovi (hotelrooms)




Recreation centres (owned by parishes, possibilty to meals)


Village schools in Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi, Sulkava (for groups)


Hunting cabins and houses


Private houses,  holiday houses, summer cottages, appartements


Camping in Competition Centre and elsewhere

Floor beds in Competition Centre

 Caravan and mobile house areas


If you have any questions about accommodation possibilities, just send us an email to



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